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The Passing of Divot

“It’s never going to be the same again” said Gus. And he was right. There would always be an empty chair and a missing smile. The late arrival in the car park. Black coffee in hand, waiting for the caffeine to kick in after a late night shift and early start. Dressed in black and […]

Alpha and Omega

I always knew there was a chance we would meet face to face. I expected it to be one dark night as I locked the car door and made my way to the safety of the front door. And as I turned round you would be there in the grey of the rain and I would […]

Men In Suits

Golfers know how to wrap up against the elements. I put on two pairs of thick warm socks and my thermals. A lightweight fleece followed and I tucked a hand warmer in my pocket. I pulled my hat down over my ears and then put the kettle on. The boiler is being replaced and it […]

Gleneagles and St George

A famous physicist and mathematician once said “To travel hopefully is better than to arrive”. I  often travel in hope.The platform was cold and windy, the train cancelled. We stood. We waited. We froze.  The train appeared but it failed to stop.  The driver had obviously been doing his Sudoku or eating a Big Mac. […]