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A Hill Too Far

It was the week the White Coats said the fairways were mine.  When they gave permission for the clubs to leave the back door.  To find the bunker guarded greens and heather smudged grass. “Get on with your life” they said. I turned my back on the needles and drugs.  The chunky cufflinks and expensive […]

Points, Paint and Pomegranates

It was a week of mixed fortunes.  Pain. Paint. Poles. Pomegranates. Parmesan and police. The fairways were a distant dream.  The swindle still bantered and dropped their balls. They met triumph and disaster. Oak trees and heather.  Unplayable lies and tricky putts. They took the good with the bad. The rough with the smooth.  Emails […]

The Streets of London

It doesn’t seem so long ago that the sounds of summer were chilled beers and barbecues. Pubs and    Pizza.  Sand castles and ice creams.  Picnics in parks.   Planes.  Trains and tents.  Another year. Another summer. But now the summer sounds have given way to the sounds of sirens and broken glass.  Flames in the night […]


The silver photo frame on the desk caught the rays of setting sun.  A memory frozen in time.  A figure sitting on a sand dune, staring out to sea.  Wisps of blown grass in the foreground and the distant seashore.   And somewhere tucked safely in a drawer, the programme with a scribbled name, long since […]

Silver Moon and a Dublin Dream

It was a week when money changed hands. Bets were won and bets were lost. Matches on the fairway fought to the last putt on the last green.  And green was the colour. Of the team and the dream. Daughter No.  One came back poorer, wiser and winnerless  from Cheltenham and the race track where  silk […]

The Dream

Life is all about choices and chasing dreams.  Weighing up the facts and making a choice. Some decisions are easier than others.  Is it a seven iron or an easy eight?  Does the putt break from left to right? Lag or drill the ball into the hole?  Take the dog leg out or play safe […]

The Vicar and Provisional Balls

Some days stand out in the memory.  They shine like precious jewels.  They are beyond price. Others, such as Vicar-gate are best forgotten. “Any plans for tomorrow” asked the Golf Police. He had just finished watching a rugby match.  I closed my book.  “How to Putt out of Your Mind”.  Third time of reading and still […]

Battle off the Tee

In the end it came down to a battle of the Titans.  A game taken to the wire.  A test of nerve and skill.  Of bantering rights and an Adman’s Dream. It was the week France travelled to England and took on the Rosbiefs under a dark wintry sky.   Beer had been consumed.  The red […]