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A Day in the Sun

It happened after a game of golf.  Quiet words in the car park. “It can be fixed.  I have been there.”  We exchanged hugs.   He made a call.  It was brief. “Help me” he said. I had returned to golf after a meeting with the medics and white coats. Their skills had resolved the problem. […]

Back to The Fairways

It was time to go back.  Back where I belonged. Back to the fairways. The house was quiet. I left before the juicer had seen any action. Before the eight minute shower and post mortem about the missing hot water.  Before the traffic built up and became rivers of red lights and impatient drivers.  Before the […]

The Take Away

It was time to put the ball back on the tee. Time to find the swing and check the swing  plane.  Not quite the fairways but the first step back to the Swindle and a round of golf. Watching the Golf Police wield the scissors and hair brush, I knew it was time to find the […]

The Dimpled Ball and Oven Gloves

It had been a long golf-less week.  But a week where the adage ‘revenge is a dish best eaten cold’ had proved fruitful.  The Swindle agreed. I met them for coffee at the club. “We have all missed you” said Sid. “Speak for yourself” said Big Rich, slurping his latte with extra sugar. “Do you […]

Golf Rules and The Medics

Battles with the Golf Police were not uncommon. But sometimes life intervenes and the odds are stacked against the win. “No Golf” said the Medics. I tried to argue my case.  I fought for my fairways.  But this was a man who would not be budged.  It was like arm wrestling someone who played for […]

Resolutions and Reflections

The Old Year, with its joys and sorrows carved in the  pages of history, crept quietly away. The New Year, full of hope and expectation, whizzed in on a cacophony of fireworks, fizzy champagne and earnest resolutions. But resolutions are fickle and seldom last much longer than the firework displays of New Year’s Eve. The […]

The Golfer and the Burning Ball

The Golf Police was not happy. The incident with the coal bucket and golf ball was the final straw. “I’m ordering a skip tomorrow” he said . “I need to get to my tools without breaking my neck on your golf gear.  I want my garage back”. “More tea?” I put the kettle on. “Shall we […]

New Year Resolutions

The Old Year departed the scene. Consigned to the history books with its hopes, joys and sorrows.  Volcanic ash, perfidious politicians and heavy snowfalls. The New Year rode into town on a cacophony of fireworks which lit up cities around the world. The Sydney bridge, Big Ben and the Statue of Liberty.  And holding tightly […]

It’s All About the Giving

It was a white Christmas.  Heavy falls of silent snowflakes covered the land. Motorways, railway lines and hills lay under the snow. Villages isolated and cities silent. It had been a good  Christmas of carols, cake and crackers. Family love and laughter. Midnight Mass had been celebrated. Well wrapped worshippers and those full of  Christmas […]

The Christmas Message

It turned out that Ruggy was right. The festive season was coming in a variety of shades and colours. Snowy. Starlit. Joyful. Sad. Green Trees. Gold Trees. Black Trees. Turkey. Goose. Nut Roast. Candles. Cards and carols. Christingle. Nativity and Midnight Mass. Stockings, sleighs and snowflakes. Cranberry, chestnuts and crackers. The Golf Police and City […]