The Streets of London

woodyIt doesn’t seem so long ago that the sounds of summer were chilled beers and barbecues. Pubs and    Pizza.  Sand castles and ice creams.  Picnics in parks.   Planes.  Trains and tents.  Another year. Another summer.

But now the summer sounds have given way to the sounds of sirens and broken glass.  Flames in the night sky.  Cities and towns under night siege.  Shopping centres waiting for the gangs with their blackberries and iron bars.  Dressed in uniform of denim, shades and hoods.

And far away, under a burning sun, others wear a different uniform and fight a different battle.  And wonder what happened to a country they call home.

And standing between anarchy and the hoods, a thin blue line. 

No one knows what tomorrow will bring.  Another night of lawlessness.  Of broken glass and terrified mothers on buses who want only to get home to their loved ones.  Not dodge the  bricks and petrol bombs of a lawless minority, seething with entitlement and greed.  Funded on the creaking backs of the silent law abiding majority, into whose pockets the hoods dip with impunity to fund their life style choice of welfare dependency.

Bevan built the welfare state to protect the vulnerable and the helpless. To make the world a fairer place. But Bevan knew full well that it would only work if the honest endeavour of the many supported the few.  The few have become too many.

And the world watches and catches its breath as the silent, honest  majority keep their  loved ones close. And their voice needs to be heard amongst the sound of smashing glass and screaming sirens.

A voice which carries to the corridors of power.  To Westminster  and the world.   A voice which cries “No more”.

Words have to be dusted down and become common currency once more. Respect.  Decency. Discipline.    Respect is not an entitlement.  Respect has to be earned.  Responsibility walks hand in hand with rights.  Rights do not walk alone.  Actions have consequences.

Anarchy and broken glass do not belong on our streets .  The mother should catch the bus and return to her children without bricks, flames and fear.

The thin Blue Line stands between us and anarchy and the first duty of Government is to its citizens.  It should unshackle the Police, who have lawless hoods to the front and glance over their shoulders to a tabloid press salivating at their back, watching and waiting.

The sirens scream for us all.  But above them must be heard the voice of a society built on the foundations of decency, dignity , discipline and diligence.   Otherwise freedom will lie trampled by the lawless amongst the shards of broken glass and the ash, as flames light the night skies.